Simple Past Tense – Negative Form – Exercise 1

We took out “The Simple Past Tense” negative form sentences from the movies and films to help you learn real English. You can watch and listen to the The Simple Past sentences used in authentic forms by native speakers of English. We believe that using English is much better than knowing it.

The negative form of Simple Past Tense

The negative form of Simple Past Tense is used to describe an action or event that did not happen in the past. It is formed by using the auxiliary verb “did not” (or its contracted form “didn’t”) followed by the base form of the main verb. Here’s the structure:

Subject + did not (didn’t) + base form of verb

For example:

  • She did not (didn’t) go to the party last night.
  • They did not (didn’t) finish their homework on time.
  • He did not (didn’t) eat breakfast this morning.
  • We did not (didn’t) meet at the park yesterday.

Note that in negative sentences, “did not” (or “didn’t”) always comes before the base form of the main verb, regardless of the subject.