Learn English with movie Jungle Cruise

In this exercise, you will watch a short clip from the movie “Jungle Cruise”.  In the clip, you will watch and hear several English structures and vocabulary used in daily English conversations.  Both American and British English accents are included in this movie clip. You can do several activities and  answer several questions which will help you to improve vocabulary, listening, spelling skills.

Jungle Cruise” is an adventure film released in 2021, based on a popular Disneyland ride. Here are some useful English words and phrases from the movie:

  1. Jungle – a dense forest or wilderness, usually in a tropical or subtropical region. Example sentence: The characters in “Jungle Cruise” embark on an exciting adventure through the Amazon jungle.
  2. Cruise – a trip or journey on a boat, typically for leisure or vacation. Example sentence: The main characters, played by Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt, go on a thrilling cruise down the Amazon River in the movie.
  3. Adventure – an exciting or daring experience, often involving risk or danger. Example sentence: “Jungle Cruise” is an action-packed adventure movie filled with thrilling moments.