Learn English with Antman

We try to help you to learn English with real English conversations taken from the famous movies. In this movie clip, you will watch and hear  a mother and her daughter talking about their father. Some important words and phrases (grownup, confused and are you sure)  are used in their talk.

“Ant-Man” is a superhero action film released in 2015, based on the Marvel Comics character. Here are some useful English words and phrases from the movie:

  1. Superhero – a fictional character with extraordinary abilities or powers, often used to protect others from harm. Example sentence: “Ant-Man” is a movie about a superhero who can shrink in size and communicate with ants.
  2. Ant – a small, social insect that lives in colonies and is known for its strength and teamwork. Example sentence: Ants play a crucial role in “Ant-Man” as Scott can communicate with them and use them to help him in his missions.
  3. Action – fast-paced and thrilling sequences of physical movements, often involving combat, stunts, or special effects. Example sentence: “Ant-Man” is known for its exciting action scenes, featuring shrinking and growing abilities, as well as intense fights.